The hallmark of an Oak Lane education has always been a focus on the preservation of childhood and an emphasis on “learning how to learn.” While it has been frequently said that Oak Lane’s existence was a “well-kept secret,” the many families who experienced an Oak Lane education made no secret of their love for the school. The graduation speeches of outgoing students resonated with appreciation for the beautiful campus, the arts program and the many opportunities for performance across all the grades. Sixth graders talked passionately about the benefits of being “sons and daughters” of Oak Lane and of being known and appreciated by all faculty members. Referenced were beloved traditions such as catching frogs, tractor rides, the Woodland Walk, the all-school theme of Winterlude, sledding on the meadows, community service with “buddy” classes, drama club and learning to play recorder. A rich and recurring motif in the speeches was the students’ sense of themselves as valued members of a diverse community. Our students have now departed, but not without having mined the deep vein of an Oak Lane education and experienced the community’s respect for childhood. When fully operational this site will be an interactive place for us to share memories, thoughts, plan reunions and whatever else you may wish.