We welcome our Oak Lane alumni! Your valuable link to Oak Lane’s past confirms the on-going, unique heritage of the school while forming a vital link to our future. The following words of John H. Niemeyer to the graduating class of 1949, excerpted from the June 1949 “Affairs” magazine, continue to speak well after so many years:

“We hope that you leave us with many interests, with enthusiasm for discovering knowledge, for living effectively with people, for finding ways to express your ideas and feelings. We hope that you will never lose the ‘why’ behind all that you study, all that you do. We hope that you will continue to have that sense of respect for your best self, which your teachers have been trying to instill in you for all these years. For we know that only if you have this self-respect will you have the capacity for self-criticism, the courage, and the purpose necessary to develop the best that is within you; only if you have this self-respect can you feel respect for the best that is in other people.”


“We hope that you have acquired at least the beginning of scientific-mindedness, which is the habit of striving to make decisions upon the basis of reasonable evidence, the habit of trying to face honestly that which we think we know and that which we do not know. We hope that you have learned that for people to live together effectively in any society, each person must assume responsibilities as well as enjoy privileges, and that human worth is not dependent upon skin color, customs, religion, nationality, or economic status. Finally, we hope that you are determined that, wherever you are, you are going to do what you can to make our world a happier, more decent place in which human beings can live.”