What is it like to grow up in Costa Rica?

The beautiful, tiny country of Costa Rica has many things to be proud of. The 1st thing that comes to mind is the amazing scenery. The country is blessed with much beautiful rainforest and can be seen wherever you are in the country. The best parts about being a kid in Costa Rica… Amazing outdoor lifestyle Actually normally, at least in Herida, its quite sunny for the morning. In the afternoon there is usually rain. This keeps the country beautiful and green. Great school system which is free for everyone. In Costa Rica there is no need to make that annual trip the city zoo – you experience it every day. Amazing wildlife. Kid’s grow up seeing toucans and parrots in their gardens. The school’s here often organise trips to see some of the abundance of wildlife. Monkeys, Sloths all kinds of exotc butterflys are available for all students to see. Plenty of expats – good or bad? This is a good or bad thing depending on who you ask. If you and your family do not have a good command of Spanish, then having other Europeans and Americans near to where you live can make the moving process easier.

Costa Rica

That said, some people prefer to completely immerse themselves in Spanish Culture and language and it alway depends where in the country you are. If you want your family to learn Spanish, we recommend IPED – one of the best Spanish language schools in Costa Rica. They have been established since the 1980’s and are run by really great people. www.learnspanishcostarica.com/programs/programs – see programs here if you are interested.