Posted on August 1, 2014 Switching between languages is a necessary challenge for all multilingual people. Children face a world that demands the ability to speak in separate languages, whether Spanish, English or Arabic. This is why there is such a demand for English learning alongside the Arabic in the school system. At Oak lane, we all encourage language learning at a young age, this is paramount to success, inside and outside the classroom. These are the skills which will put your child at the top of the class and make sure they succeed in this ruthlessly competitive world.

bilingual children

In some countries such as Qatar, English is the non official language for business. It is the language which all government officials and business peoples from around Europe and Asia must speak in. What is great about Qatar is the truly multicultural setting of the city. There are many people here every corner of the world to make business. What challenges to business’s face in a multilingual world? It is not a case of having challenges, more so obligations and opportunities, or at least for the most optimistic people. Consider Translation Services Plus – translations service company in Qatar. They are one of the most respected of the companies in that industry in the Middle East. They are widely regarded as the best in the industry for Doha translations, so if you have trouble switching between languages, then they are for you. Have you considered legal translations services in Doha for example? A company called Tranlations Services have particular experience in this field. They company have a really great turn around time and have some intimate knowledge of the Doha area which always helps. They also offer general translations for businesses in general, but can give particular expertise in medicine or aviation. A big issues in many of the day schools here in Qatar is that the children of from different backgrounds, so find it harder to communicate. What are the most common challenges when trying to learn Arabic? Arabic as a very strange grammar structure for western people to understand. It can often taken 2 – 3 years at at least for a westerner to gain the language, if he or she attends a language school on a regular basis. Often a personal translator is needed to assist in business meetings or showing person around a certain area. A difficulty with learning or translating Arabic is the number of dialects that exist in the particular language. The company is also available in Saudia Arabia, see the secion on Riyadh translation companies. They also have a need for bilingual people and business, but are of course much less open than their Gulf neighbors such as UAE, QATAR. Visit the Translation Services Plus for Arabic translation services in the Riyadh area. It is the same company, but they have two offices. The larger office can be found in the main business district of of central Riyadh. For anyone wh0 wants to find out more about languages in the Middle East, either for your personal development, or for the education of your child. Look at the Middle East Concil website for further infomation.         See our story ..